Wordpress + Weebly

We’ve decided to use both sites!
If you want to see that site aswell heres the link.
(In our opinion weebly site is better =D)

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Tracker james big weevil scribbles and nest inspector

big weevil

24/02/2011 at 4:44PM



Today at 9:32AM




20/01/2011 at 3:21PM



Today at 9:08AM


By ADAMEISA May be last post xDD

Check on Bin Plus 2 for the weevil tracker Free version and james big weevil nest inspector scribbles will all be tracked xDD

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Site closing down

last chance to visit our site cos its ending soon…
our chat will still be up for a while
we will be opening up a new bw site heres the date 20/3/2011
link will be here soon.

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new banner by skarch

http://files.bannersnack.net/app/swf2/EmbedPlayerV2.swf?hash_id=901df679ba47a1911101bf69b1870133&watermark=1&bgcolor=#333333&clickTag=nullTo view this animated banner you need to have Flash Player 9 or newer installed and JavaScript enabled. BannerSnack is a professional, easy to use banner maker application.

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New Forum!

Click the link to get onto forum http://kinkersgang.freeforums.org/
My name on it Is Kinkerosky, we will also make an account for Kinkers Gang.
Its free and easy to sign up.
Were hoping to get lots of people to sign up :)

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Final Results

according to our poll adamiesa and Vaner will stay as author!
its the end for exodus and Skarch but we liked having you on the site.
But for RockLeo and Ohead there is still a chance to be author again.
We Will do a new author poll in june.
Congratulationd to the finalists!

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etc by adameisa

thats it all from me i am owner on the chat and always come on bin weevils if u need anything ask me!

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